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SO Kartel

The company's primary activities are focused on providing shared and virtual office space. SO Kartel OOD has been active on the Bulgarian market since 2017. Over the brief course of our development we have come to the realization that small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria urgently require and can therefore tremendously benefit from the administrative services we offer. FSK Kartel OOD and SO Kartel OOD's team will continue its efforts towards identifying and addressing the needs of small and medium-size business both in Bulgaria and abroad.

FSK Kartel

FSK Kartel OOD has held a leading position in the field of financial and accounting services in Bulgaria for over 19 years. In servicing our clients, we have always been lead by the desire to provide complex services encompassing all aspects of management and leadership activities. At FSK Kartel OOD, we strive to act in a reliable and responsible manner in our relationships with partners. Our customers can rely on competent services regardless of sector or case specifics. Our constant drive to improve the services we offer, as well as to identify auxiliary support activities from which our partners could benefit, has lead to the foundation of SO Kartel OOD.
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